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Thriving Through Uncertainty


As the world grapples with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic fear and uncertainty are rampant as individuals, organizations, and governments navigate unchartered waters and prepare for the transformation and for what is Next.

At the heart of ICON’s work is enabling a solid understanding of this transformation and its implications for the future as well as providing the tools with which people and organizations can navigate these changes. 


We are all in this together. 

We want to ensure you have ALL THE TOOLS to Survive this crisis and Thrive.

We have prepared for you a series of practical webinars where we host Exceptional Global Experts to discuss retooling for the future.


Get Free Access to the best knowledge and expertise and incorporate the tools you need to redesign your future and the future of your organization.


Join Us for Business Tuesdays, and Personal Thursdays.  

Access the latest thinking and tools to help you become Future Ready.


Through the years ICON has supported entrepreneurs, SMEs, corporates, governments, and leaders successfully navigate the many challenges that came their way. 

We continue to do so today by helping our clients through this transformation and preparing for and designing what is next.




Events list in April 2020

From Fear to Action in Times of Crisis!

Tuesday, April 21 2020 - 06:00 PM (UAE Time)

Dealing with the crisis and its implications is Overwhelming. In these unprecedented times of crisis, having the ability and skill to manage our fear of loss and uncertainty, and having the ability to move beyond coping and dealing with the crisis, to… Read More
Thriving Through Uncertain Times - Icon Academy

Thriving Through Uncertain Times

Sunday, April 19 2020 - 03:00 PM (UAE Time)

In every crisis lies opportunities. How are you managing your state?   How are you building and strengthening your immunity and your state of mind?  The time for a Turn is now! You either grow or diminish. We are the masters of our destiny… Read More
Uncertain Times Program
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